¡Hola mi gente – soy la gringa latina!

American born pero Latina de corazon ❤ What started in Spanish class evolved into an endless curiosity, a heartfelt admiration, and a hunger (yes literally…) for Latin America.

I am inspired by its culture. I am inspired by its color. Living in Latin America as an American, I straddle these two worlds. It’s my purpose to share with the world the beautiful richness and SABOR of the region, the lessons it teaches us, and how culture tells us about who we are and how we can learn to live together. I also really like breaking through stereotypes. 😉

Caution: Everything might have a bit of a Colombian flare. I’m based in the City of Eternal Spring – Medellin!!


How Living in Latin America Has Forced Me to Become More Patient

La Historia de Los Chamos (Español)

The Story of Los Chamos (English)

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